[FoRK] Drudge vs. USD

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Sat Oct 24 09:26:21 PDT 2009

This is *awesome.*  I would *love* to see more folks doing more of  
this (very simple) type of analysis!


I call this sort of thing --- the kind of thing that you can do in  
just a few minutes with R and some other tools, if you've got usable  
data --- "scratch" analysis.  It's a lot like back-of-the-envelope  
engineering or Fermi estimation;  not something to be considered  
comprehensive / definitive / authoritative, but enough to draw some  
tentative conclusions.  (FWIW, about a half-hour of futzing with R and  
some publicly-available time series data enabled me to *finally*  
convince some climate-change denier family members that *at least*  
there was a real warming trend and that there was *at least* a  
significant correlation between industrialization and this warming  

(One of the projects I've long pondered but will probably never get to  
is doing some kind of automatic conversational network and topic model  
(LSA plus a few other "views" of the data) over the history of FoRK  
and then attempting some scratch analysis on it.  The first part's  
enough of a "research" topic that I'll probably never get over the  
hump on it, pretty low on my priority list;  would be interesting,  

More like this!


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