[FoRK] peak coal

Benjamin Black b at b3k.us
Tue Oct 27 09:13:35 PDT 2009

Damien Morton wrote:
> Rubbish. With copper, iron, etc consumption, we arent transforming those
> materials into unusable forms. Its not like any copper brought into the
> world is ever "used up" - it may go to scrap or whatever, but it probably is
> more usable as scrap than it was as ore.

This does not address the fundamental problem that demand is huge and
supply is finite.  Certainly we will (and do) recycle copper, but the
demand continues to rise and the end is in sight for copper ore.  That
is neither rubbish nor hysteria.

I found this article quite good reading on the subject:

> Energy is different.

Perhaps, though perhaps not.  If we dissipate a material so thoroughly
(as we do with materials like zinc) that recovery is impractical given
the energy and technology required, then it becomes single use.

> Oh and BTW Iron is one of the most abundant materials on earth.
> We aren't running out of it.

Yes, you are correct.


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