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Lucas Gonze lucas.gonze at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 10:21:37 PDT 2009

On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 4:28 PM, Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> wrote:
> I recently started using Cailber to take my google reader feed and
> stuff it in a daily crafted epub.

That's a cool idea.  Do you have a cron job?  How do you automate Caliber?

> (http://www.spokenword.org/member/403)

Spokenword.org is a real improvement on "podcasting," which has become
a minor planet in the Apple galaxy.

> In large part the whole journey of the intertubes since around 96 or
> so has been about the filters. Robust, personal, morphable and
> permeable filters chuck out the cruft and let you focus on the
> possible. In another years the term Expert Systems would have cropped
> up  but I think that term has lost as much cred as the term Spice
> Girls. Many of the most useful apps I use are filters of sorts, or
> filter helpers.
> Usenet would have been impossible with out the veneer of that danged
> hierarchy to filter down some of the cruft. Add to that what ever
> filtering your  news reader could deal with. If you were hitting on
> the .binaries you needed a whole other set of help
> Email as well, without white/black list the late 90's/early 00's would
> have been more hell then they were. Watching the spamfilter wars you
> could see in a very real manner the importance of proper filtration
> hygine. Wave just amplifies that need.
> Social filters helped bring out and mute down the stream of tasty bit
> that demanded to be devoured, many times the value of my friends
> filters went a long way into helping me with my own. With our ever
> increasing circle of socialite "friends" to add to our mix though it
> seemed filters were needed for our possible filter sources. It was not
> good enough that I know you , i need to know that you  knew a little
> ablut me as well and that we both had at least a few shaded(y) areas
> on our venn diagrams.
> Geospacial tagging of data/feed items/sources would be nice. Not just
> though from proximity marketing or AR fun. Temporal tagging  has some
> promise as well. Being able to see historic trends rise and fall like
> so much snow globe glitter could prove harvestable/useful. Look at all
> the misery you can bring on with Wayback:)-
> Yet at the bottom of the pile of filter turtles there is me though,
> changeable pissoffable moody me and if my filters are to be of any use
> they had better be able to move with the big guy. This is why I am
> still the last line arbiter  on both the input and output of whatever
> filtration method(s)/device(s) are being used.
> Which is why I very much wish FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Good Reads  and a
> host of other apps/services would open things up some so even pheezers
> like me can grab the streams and plug them into our own filtering
> methods such that the outputs are not so fractured across sources.
> Google's recent Social Circle idea has some promise, so would
> something like Pipes...better yet would be just let me have at a
> simple set of perl/php/python widgets from which  I could bodge
> something up in bash and thus bang on all the feeds/apis to get at the
> Grand Unified Filtered
> A while back I worked up a stupid simple set of rss/email gegaws to
> work with my Tux Driod. It was hella nice till I got tired of the
> voices...even the better more bitfull sample sets can wear on you
> after a while...plus the wife and kids were wondering about my sanity
> as I kept talking back to it(and my wife at least realized there was
> no code or device really listening) My dream version would have a base
> vocab set done up by Stepehn Fry, whose clock sound samples I have
> been mucking around with. Brill.
> Thats one of the things I keep coming back to on the filter front,
> even back in my BBS days. All that output needs a better way to get to
> me. I recently started using Cailber to take my google reader feed and
> stuff it in a daily crafted epub. I also use places like
> Spokenword.org to gather up the net/podcasts I know i want hear.
> (http://www.spokenword.org/member/403)
> So all this to say if this is the trending  dev focus, heck yea and more of it.
> -tom(who looks to Mark Bittman for his minimalistfu)higgins
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