[FoRK] Carrying Capacity Tangent

Benjamin Black b at b3k.us
Mon Nov 2 08:48:26 PST 2009

Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo wrote:
> Here's the judgement part...
> I confess that as I have begun to think about it in recent years, I keep getting further from understanding the attraction of consumption as a means of measuring the health of economies and of measuring "progress". 
> Is that because it's driven by capitalism (is this your "capitalist economics"?)? Is this the only way capitalism can function? Or do I have capitalism confused with -- thinking it's synonymous with -- greed and avarice?

I have had similar thoughts, as I expect many others have.  A related
syndrome I've noted is how the Randian folks so easily inverted  the
ideals espoused in books like Atlas Shrugged that, despite their
numerous flaws, focused on creation, not consumption, as the metric of


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