[FoRK] Coin flips not random

Jim Whitehead ejw at cs.ucsc.edu
Tue Nov 3 01:28:20 PST 2009

Er, should be more precise. Coin flips not *evenly* random is what I 
meant to say.

- Jim

Jim Whitehead wrote:
> http://www.mercurynews.com/49ers-headlines/ci_13579962
> Heads or tails? It depends on how you flip it
> By Jon Wilner and Mark Emmons
> Mercury News
> But first, here's what the researchers concluded: Using a high-speed 
> camera that photographed people flipping coins, the three researchers 
> determined that a coin is more likely to land facing the same side on 
> which it started. If tails is facing up when the coin is perched on 
> your thumb, it is more likely to land tails up.
> How much more likely? At least 51 percent of the time, the researchers 
> claim, and possibly as much as 55 percent to 60 percent — depending on 
> the flipping motion of the individual.

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