[FoRK] Death Panels

Marty Halvorson marty at halvorson.us
Fri Nov 6 13:04:38 PST 2009

Bill Stoddard wrote:
Marty Halvorson wrote:
 > > It would appear that death panels are already in place.  If you're
 > > old, you can't get the H1N1 vaccine because the CDC Guidelines for
 > > H1N1 don't include old folks.  But!  The seasonal vaccine you should
 > > get if you're old.  Seems that somebody somewhere has decided that
 > > old folks can die from H1N1.  Plus, if you work on Wall Street then 
 > > you're to valuable to not get the vaccine.
 > Are you really complaining or just making conversation?  H1N1 vaccine 
 > is a scarce resource (think lifeboats on the titanic).  There's not
 > enough for everyone.  Do you use superior financial ability (or
 > political connections) to get yourself on the lifeboat ahead of kids?

So it would appear.  And frankly it pisses me off.

 > ahead of a young adult woman with ashma that has small children
 > financially dependent on her?

A woman such as that should get the vaccine.  And according to the CDC 
she should whichever guidelines are used (seasonal or H1N1).

 > Come on, really, this is not painting a very favorable picture in my
 > mind...

I'm really complaining.  I'm old (69), and I can't get the H1N1 vaccine. 
  It's not a very favorable picture IMNSHO.

If it's true that I may have an acquired immunity to H1N1, why don't I 
have a similar immunity to the seasonal flu?  Sorry, it just doesn't 
make any sense to me.

Furthermore, if it's true that "the H1N1 virus has a lower mortality
than seasonal flu," why is it such a big deal?  Let's promote seasonal 
flu vaccination before H1N1 vaccination.

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