[FoRK] Brain mapping and the connectome

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Sat Nov 7 10:47:36 PST 2009

Ken writes:

> your wavefront of *human* intelligence

To be clear:  I didn't (and don't) insist on *human* intelligence.  I  
did (and do) insist on *human-derived* intelligence (as that's more or  
less the only measure we've got right now, modulo efforts like Shane  

We can quibble over the definition of "human" some other time.  I tend  
to take a more expansive view than most, and accept anything human- 
derived as (at least) "human" for most purposes.  This viewpoint,  
though, -wrt- potential precursor species of intelligence, is subject  
to the same kind of argument that frequently occurs about whether  
viruses constitute "life" or not.


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