[FoRK] Death Panels

Marty Halvorson marty at halvorson.us
Sat Nov 7 13:45:01 PST 2009

"vaccine: A shortage that didn't have to be?
... Several explanations can account for the shortfall, including an 
old-fashioned vaccine production process that requires chicken eggs; 
overly optimistic predictions of production efficiency; in the case of 
seasonal flu vaccine, a shift in priorities to H1N1; and a lack of 
domestic vaccine manufacturers. ..."

This article in "Scientific American" is what triggered my irrational 
posting.  I get seriously pissed at politicians who believe they know 
more about science than scientists.

I also get pissed because the U.S.A. is so lawsuit happy that old 
technology is being used to create the vaccine.

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