[FoRK] "Common" delusions? was re: How Complex Systems Fail

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Sun Nov 8 05:33:25 PST 2009

Ken writes:

> The point of the exchange [re root cause analysis, etc.]

Yeah, I know, I get it.  I even agree.

I actually don't have any issue with the criticisms you offered re:  
common misunderstanding of failure analysis or with the exchange in  
general.  (I've been around the block a few times, too.  Your critique  
in general is spot-on.)

My real issue was minor and tangential, but I thought illustrated a  
point worth making.  When even *Bill Stoddard* is, blithely and joking  
though it may be, propagating the current trope about the "failure" of  
EMH, then we're being ridden by memes (potentially unhelpful ones)  
rather than communicating meaningfully.


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