[FoRK] why Dilbert is doomed

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Nov 9 12:56:49 PST 2009

Damien Morton wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 7, 2009 at 4:51 AM, Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo
> <ken_ganshirt at yahoo.ca>wrote:
> ...
>> In any case, it's clear you don't like what he says is happening. But are
>> you suggesting that it's not happening?
>>           ...ken...
> Its a self-fulfilling prophecy. Its not just observation - he is actively
> making recommendations to people as to what careers they should follow, and
> he is actively suggesting that people focus on doing 'stuff' that requires
> their physical and geographical presence as opposed to stuff that other
> people will want regardless of their physical and geographical presence.
> ...
> However, nothing is going to accelerate offshoring or change its balance
> faster than than the lack of a skilled workforce.

Exactly.  How about A) concentrating on ideas and skills to reach much 
better efficiencies and B) inshoring since there is plenty of cheap land 
and potentially cheap labor right here in the US.  It seems that many 
companies are much more ready to employ people around the world than a 
couple states over.  There is some major mental disconnect there.
> His prescription for lesser educated people is insane. His article is a
> suicide note to a future idiocracy.

I agree.
> So, to answer your question - do I dispute that its happening? - no, of
> course not. Do I think that advising people to be telephone sanitisers is
> going to lead to a better economy or society? Absolutely not. Do I think
> that telephone sanitisers will ever contribute to the 'economy' more than an
> engineer, architect, doctor or whatever? Simply, no.
We have to find creative ways to compete, expand, invent new directions, 
etc.  We may also want to create zones where living expenses are 
competitive to some extent  with those overseas locations.  This should 
not be impossible.


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