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Mon Nov 9 16:03:12 PST 2009

--- On Mon, 11/9/09, Stephen Williams <sdw at lig.net> wrote:

> Damien Morton wrote:
> > So, to answer your question - do I dispute that its happening? - no, of course not. Do I think that advising people to be telephone sanitisers is going to lead to a better economy or society? Absolutely not. Do I think that telephone sanitisers will ever contribute to the 'economy' more than an engineer, architect, doctor or whatever? Simply, no.
> >
> We have to find creative ways to compete, expand, invent
> new directions, etc.  We may also want to create zones
> where living expenses are competitive to some extent 
> with those overseas locations.  This should not be
> impossible.

Yeah, it will be. The developed world has two strikes against us ... or in our favour ... depending upon your worldview. I give it one strike For and one strike Against.

[opinion] AGAINST: We (the developed world) have expectations of lifestyle. You can't change that and reduce living expenses to a level competitive with the lesser developed countries. 

     ....hmmmmm.... Let me try that again.

You can't change that. Period.

Even if you can, you can't change it nearly enough to be competitive with the lesser developed countries.

In our eventual favour is the fact that they are trying to get all of this business (=cashflow) so they can eventually obtain a similar lifestyle to ours. As they get closer, the cost pendulum will swing.

FOR: We are sufficiently prosperous that we have begun to think beyond a consumptive-dependent lifestyle to the eventual depletion of the stuff our consumption is based on and the poisoning of ourselves and our environment the production of our consumed stuff is causing. So we are taking steps to try to contain that. Steps which add to our cost of living.

It's the latter that gives the lesser developed countries such a big delta in production costs. They simply don't give a rat's ass, yet, about such "vision things" as Sustainability or Carrying Capacity. They just look at us and want, badly, to have a slice of that pie. Who can blame them.


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