[FoRK] Programming languages, operating systems, despair and anger

Benjamin Black b at b3k.us
Thu Nov 12 11:59:20 PST 2009

Jeff Bone wrote:
> So, in a confluence of events, I have been lately looking at Scala 

The most enjoyable Scala-related experience I've had is going to #scala
on freenode and referring to Scala as a 'kitchen sink language'.  I was
informed that Scala's (numerous) features are 'orthogonal' and I had not
read the right (large) set of research papers to understand all of its
features are not complex, but simple.

> and
> yesterday spent some time looking at Pike / Thompson / Google et. al.'s
> "Go" language for "systems programming."  


"Wrote my first concurrent Go program: func fuck_yourself() { ; //
8=====D } go fuck_yourself();"

> And Guido halts Python
> syntactic evolution before the job is done...

How could anyone take him seriously after this?


So, I agree with your observations that much of language 'design' is
turd polishing, but I wonder in what field that is not the case.  There
are a few bright spots, and the rest is mediocrity.  I don't see your
prescriptions as improvements, however.

Any language with reasonable metaprogramming facilities can produce the
result (see all the DSL-ish stuff being embedded in Ruby, for example).
 One-liners are useful, yet many useful things can't be expressed as
one-liners without a whole lot of lines underneath, lines that are often
very specific to the task at hand.  You have chosen a set of things you
want available for creation of one-liners, but I expect others would
have different ideas of what things are most important.  If that were
not the case, this problem would be trivial.


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