[FoRK] Programming languages, operating systems, despair and anger

Michael Cummins michael at i-magery.com
Thu Nov 12 12:41:30 PST 2009

> isn't a one-liner --- NON STARTER!

I've been really happy with Cold Fusion, been writing applications with it
since version 5.

Your enumerated one liners are pretty much one liners, plus you can leverage
your Java and .NET knowledge into it fairly easily.  Since Adobe also owns
Flash, it integrates quite nicely with that as well for some nice AS3
powered interfaces.  It plays well with XML and JSON, and has all kinds of
factory installed goodies.  Recently they added ORM support, which I haven't
really played with yet, but it looks like a real time saver for the many
simple applications I churn out almost daily.


Anyway.  There's my plug for my favorite environment.  

-- Michael Cummins

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