[FoRK] spdy

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Nov 12 17:18:14 PST 2009

Lucas Gonze wrote:
> Yup, I was thinking of caching proxies.  But now that you point out
> that SSL != HTTPS, I realize that that's a non-problem.  Awesome.
> What do you think? Is it time for basically all connections to be encrypted?
> There's a CPU price, but my guess is that Moore's law has made it moot.
Yes, I think basically everything should be encrypted, except when 
debugging. We were supposed to get that in IPv6 by now, right?  Doing it 
at the TCP or UDP session level is probably better.
> How about a bandwidth price?  There must be a bandwidth increase or
> there wouldn't be any chaff in the stream.

I don't follow.  The bandwidth usage should only increase slightly 
(key/certificate/negotiation overhead), minus any compression being 
missed out on, except it should already be compressed and will be before 


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