[FoRK] Bloomberg Mosquito -- VAR mashups

Rohit Khare khare at alumni.caltech.edu
Fri Nov 13 17:40:05 PST 2009

step 1: for one actor, compute the closure of all of their investments  
(use sec filings, yodlee login technology or private banker quality  
insight into the actor's finances)

step 2: use historical volatility data (VAR) to compute what stocks  
and markets and products will have the most influence on your outcomes

step 3: analyze the raw river of news that mentions those entities to  
re-rank the top %age of news into a digest

Result: a much more engaging finance section that, at the end of each  
article, can explain the potential impact on your personal bottom line.

For the sports section, it's not that hard: you pick your leagues,  
your teams, and the personalization of news is complete. Who would  
like to use this mashup?


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