[FoRK] Various followups (Eugen, Ken, Stephen, etc.)

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sat Nov 14 11:33:05 PST 2009

Jeff Bone wrote:
> ...
> Going to short-change Stephen, here:
>> ...dot (etc.)
> All excellent comments and mostly-agreed.  We've managed to get lost 
> in the discussion of the implications, motivations, etc. a bit.  Would 
> love to carve off and have a more substantive and detailed discussion 
> about this once I've got something better to place as a stake in the 
> ground, but as mentioned that's been stalled out for most of the year 
> due to various familial events.  Hope to get back on that bandwagon 
> again soon...  (and btw, part of the motivation there is that it seems 
> to me that most open technology efforts work better if you get 
> "working and useful" before "public discussion and contribution" --- 
> Linux being the major obvious exception, IIRC.)

Tell me about it, a very "interesting" couple / few years recently.

I'm scheduled to dig deeply into the 
better-binary-transfer/storage/operation side of things soon.  I believe 
that it would be good to pair that with an examination of the text side 
of things.  Additionally, I too have wanted and talked about a next step 
in the Unixen pipeline shell programming area.  Plus, I need to find a 
good path soon toward semantically tagged and other data for my main 
personal project.

I look forward to more input / feedback / thoughts / collaboration.

> jb

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