[FoRK] Programming languages, operating systems, despair and anger

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 11:57:05 PST 2009

The problem with plumbing is not that it is hard, I have to deal with
enough of it over the last several houses, it is that its mucky and

Find the leak, seal the leak.
Find the clog, clean out the clog.
Assess load balancing, increase the pipe at the bottle necks.
Fight gravity. (basement dirt floor wine cellar needs a working
sink..say hello to my pumppy friend)
Connect a pipeline from the user input to the proper output.

And yes often you are dealing with the previous "plumbers" work and if
you think coders dont document...oi..

I mean sure, could you make an AND gate between two bathrooms and the
sewer pipe? Sure, heck given enough trips to the Home Despot and rom
behind the walls you could possibly build a Turing machine out of
schedule 40 and fittings.

Mostly though its repetitive mucky tasks in spaces not easily getable
by someone of my largess, so yeah if the wife is not game for the task
we also call a handy friend if its very dire we toss money at a pro.

tom(In a post NthIlarity world though I expect that if I want a cupa
water I will motion with my hand and a temporary nanobot buckytube
will be extended to me from the nearest water source.)higgins

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