[FoRK] Various followups (Eugen, Ken, Stephen, etc.)

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Sat Nov 14 14:41:27 PST 2009

Ken says:
> I'm starting to actually understand Tom (stream of consciousness)  
> Higgins. That's no biggy. What's scarey is not that I'm starting to  
> understand (some) and even agree (some). It's that I'm actually  
> finding him quite enjoyable.

Not to take anything away from anyone else on this list, but if I had  
to pick just one person to thank for my continued participation in  
this list over the years, it's most likely Whoreo  (though failed- 
general-AI Nordquist also has some bizarre satori moments.)  Not  
saying that the S/N is very high (hey, who am I to judge such  
things ;-)  --- but when it DOES come through it's like a massive  
thump on da head, kind of like the signal in Contact!!!!


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