[FoRK] The Great Progeddit Shit-Storm of '09

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Sat Nov 14 23:34:26 PST 2009

Well, apparently my rant over here --- generally read minus the  
context of surrounding discussion and certainly read without the  
context of years of interaction that we've got around these parts ---  
apparently got put up over on progeddit.  It was at #2 or #3 for most  
of the day, and #1 for a little bit.  The comment thread is a usual  
troll-fest, collapsing under its own weight at 222 comments (largest  
today, and impressive in any case!) --- but it's getting about a 62%  
approval rating, though the 38% that disapprove are both vexing and  

I wouldn't recommend wasting any time on it, but if you're  
particularly bored and / or interesting in such things, or have the  
inclination to troll trolls:


This isn't the first time something I or somebody else has said over  
here has triggered some kind of chain reaction over there:


Most of those were pretty well commented and trolled-out, too. ;-)   
Amusingly, four of the five appear to be programming language rants of  
mine. ;-) :-)


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