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Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Sun Nov 15 02:42:50 PST 2009

On Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 11:57:05AM -0800, Tom Higgins wrote:

> The problem with plumbing is not that it is hard, I have to deal with

It is pretty hard even for people. You're typically working in
an unstructured, constrained space, using a large set of tools,
including modifying existing tools, and using a very large set
of parts, including custom ones.

Of course a robot would have advantages, too, since lighting and
video (even in confined spaces) as well as accurate measurements 
are a given. But you need a long arm or two with lots of degrees of
freedom, exchangeable tools at the end, and ability to exercise
considerable force/torque. And of course without a said plumbing
intelligence on the other end it would be still no good. 

> enough of it over the last several houses, it is that its mucky and
> repetitive.
> Find the leak, seal the leak.
> Find the clog, clean out the clog.
> Assess load balancing, increase the pipe at the bottle necks.
> Fight gravity. (basement dirt floor wine cellar needs a working
> sink..say hello to my pumppy friend)
> Connect a pipeline from the user input to the proper output.
> And yes often you are dealing with the previous "plumbers" work and if
> you think coders dont document...oi..
> I mean sure, could you make an AND gate between two bathrooms and the
> sewer pipe? Sure, heck given enough trips to the Home Despot and rom
> behind the walls you could possibly build a Turing machine out of
> schedule 40 and fittings.
> Mostly though its repetitive mucky tasks in spaces not easily getable
> by someone of my largess, so yeah if the wife is not game for the task

I've spent around 4-5 hours yesterday on my back under the kitchen
sink, quite a few times requiring cooperation from above. Sorry, no
all-purse plumbing robots, nor all-purpose surgeon robots. Some 
things are just not easy.

> we also call a handy friend if its very dire we toss money at a pro.
> tom(In a post NthIlarity world though I expect that if I want a cupa
> water I will motion with my hand and a temporary nanobot buckytube
> will be extended to me from the nearest water source.)higgins

In a post-Singularity world you wouldn't need water to start with.
The physical layer would probably look like something like Giger designed.

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