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Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo ken_ganshirt at yahoo.ca
Wed Dec 9 19:27:30 PST 2009

--- On Wed, 12/9/09, Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> wrote:

> > That said, I think that it's just one contribution within the larger
> > field of computing that is leaving the computer behind.  That's in
> > incredible branch of work.  What's the name of that project/scanner
> > which you wear like a necklace?
> The Sixth Sense thing I keep drooling over in TED videos
> http://www.ted.com/talks/pattie_maes_demos_the_sixth_sense.html
> The makers of that are open sourcing the thing, they claim
> a 300$ cost to cobble one togther from off the shelf parts and
> the  code.
> Jebus forkers, talk about cottage/niche/longtailing 
> project base. I am just about excited enough about  what I have been
> seeing from Google , Sixth Sense and some other projects to think about
> doing something other than raising kids. It is not helping any
> that I am reading C Doctorow's book "Makers".

Okay, after you two I begin to see some of the potential for excitement that perhaps I missed in Jeff's brief note. The Getting-there-is-half-the-fun part, at least. Especially if you can do some of it the Altair or Heathkit way. Is that dating me again? Perhaps I should check to see if the parts or a kit are available on Make's website....  

Thanks for the pointer to the book, Tom. I'm cheap so perhaps I'll read the serialized version online.


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