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Wed Dec 9 21:32:17 PST 2009

--- On Wed, 12/9/09, Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
>  I was half tempted to get some of the Arduino kits for the boys
> and I to mess with but in all honesty we are still getting
> a ton of learning experience out of  the 2 old Radio Shack
> 200-in-1 spring loaded electronic sets I thrifted last year. 
> Make  has yet to come out with something as cool or as cheap. 

This is a long way from being as cheap, even if you had bought them new, but it looks like it might be almost as cool .. it claims 300 projects:


> I think that by this summer my
> 7 year old will be ready for his first soldering iron. That
> sentence still scares the snot out of me for so many reasons.

When you get over being scared you can look at this one. And get scared again at the price. It's on sale at the moment but $39.95 is still pretty steep for something that doesn't even include a soldering iron and some solder .... some kinda "Learn to" kit that is. :(

> By necessity and training I am what the hipsters now call
> a "frugalista", I am reading it as an epub gotten for gratis
> off of the authors site http://craphound.com/makers/download/
> He has it in a few dozen formats. The next time my book
> budget allows I will be buying a copy to donate to my teen agers high
> school.

Again, thanks for the tip. I'll get a copy that works on one of the readers on my T|X. Buying a copy for the school sounds like a fine compromise. I am fortunate to be between teenagers at the moment. My daughter is beyond that and her kids still have a few years before they get there. Hopefully I will be old enough by then that they will tolerate my "guidance" better than my daughter did (does). ;-)


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