[FoRK] the fix is in? <rant> lang, os, etc. continued </rant>

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 20:03:20 PST 2009

On the one hand... screw the religious bent of the code, its all about
the protocols and data
On the other hand... crack don't smoke itself...protocols and data do
not move, mash and reassemble themselves

So, we are all biotches to the companies, comities and conglomerated
mind shares that run the workings of both hands.

In a great and perfect world  the fairy unicorns would ride me the
science playground every morning and we would all spend our days  knee
deep in invention factory fun making great and wonderful things
without  a hitch from border collisions, meme attacks or territorial
pissing...and then you wake up and realize you have to fight the same
fights decades latter with a smile pasted on your face saying "Oh yes
sir thats some tasty  foo bar you are serving up, I never tasted
better in my life" whilst creating data stream parsers in some new
variant of MSjs(tm)(c)(yf)

Ok its not that bad, but yeah maybe it is. I still think Id rather
have open protocols and data standards that way you could do the code
end in whatever floated your boat that moment/month/year/decade/epoch
(your life/interest cycle will vary)

-tom(flat head or philips...ya see...turtles all the way down)higgins

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