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Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
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On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 04:28:01PM +1100, silky wrote:

> I'm reading this now (it'll be a few weeks before I'm finished ...)
> but one thing that I can't help but wonder immediately: Do we *need*
> "planet-scalable" systems? IMHO, the answer is: "No". I don't think

No. We don't need a planet-scalable system. We need to be able to
scale to the solar system, the galaxy and beyond. Where else are
we supposed to live, in pressurized tin cans?

> everyone needs to use the same system, I don't think everything should

But we're using the same system right now -- the Internet.
Right now it's just the transport layer, but if you add generic
processing and storage capacity, however minimal, and location 
awareness/geographic routing you can create a scalable system 
everybody and everything could use. Just with simple tags, database
queries and geographic broadcasts you can do interesting things

> be connected, and I think it's quite reasonable for there to be some

Everything should and can be connected. And it can be a more
lightweight than a whole IPv6 stack, and yet scale down to microscale.

> reasonably-small limit on the amount of "things" a site can connect
> to, and I'm okay with various delays or limits imposed on a system due
> to it's nature (i.e. real-time).

If it's about stupid social networks, why does the system not
represent spatial relationship explicitly in every node on every
street corner you could query, in realtime? It's the whole
planet hammering a few racks in a room that doesn't make a lot
of sense.
> That said, I do think the article is interesting, but I don't think
> the motivation for it is "good", whether or not it happens.

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