[FoRK] Long text lines, was: Re: Dear Texas, Please Secede

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Dec 21 11:18:51 PST 2009

Jeff Bone wrote:
> ...
> (Selectively unquoted for hopefully-improved readability.  And to 
> hopefully get around whatever weird problem my mail client has been 
> having in conjunction w/ pipermail resulting in rampant 
> misformatting.  And yo, Ken, do something about yours;  every 
> paragraph you write ends up as a single, long, unbroken line requiring 
> ridiculous amounts of horizontal scrolling. ;-)

He's sending text/plain with encoding of quoted-printable and every 
paragraph is one long line of text.

Thunderbird handles this perfectly with nice flow according to the size 
of the window.  I think it also flows paragraphs of text with newlines 
the same way sometimes.

I'm using Outlook sometimes for work now, for the first time ever 
really.  In general, I can't believe how bad it is as an email client in 
terms of text handling, quoting, etc.  Just pathetic.  In addition to 
its handling of email addresses in quoted/forwarded messages being 
totally and completely broken.

What crap.

The biggest shocker to me is that it totally ignores the HTML quoting 
tags that work so well with Thunderbird for HTML email.  I have to send 
everything as text with people I know are using Outlook so that it is 
readable.  Truly and completely pathetic and out of touch.  Yet used by 

Don't even think about auto-coloring of nested quoting levels...

> jb

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