[FoRK] Stand up and face the future

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Tue Dec 22 06:21:17 PST 2009

Stephen says:

> Mining, sifting, and real-time do not go together. At least not in  
> the traditional forms.

With the caveat that mining and sifting / reacting in realtime are  
(today) different activities, I have to point at the existence proof  
(what I do for a living these days) as contrary to this point of  
view.  And that activity and its general form are going to become even  
more prevalent outside the domain I operate in as we realize an  
Internet of Things.  (It's already the case that this happens  
elsewhere;  in the UK to a large extent and in the US to a much lesser  
extent realtime face recognition over public camera networks occurs  
already today...)



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