[FoRK] A comment on Avatar

Koen Holtman k.holtman at chello.nl
Tue Dec 22 13:38:11 PST 2009

> On Dec 21, 2009, at 11:05 PM, Russell Turpin wrote: 
> > To anyone familiar with biology, the world in Avatar is unnatural, not
> > in the sense of being alien, but in the sense of violating how life
> > works. There is no evolutionary path for the kind of coordination it
> > depicts between species.



One hard science fiction interpretation of the movie is this.  Evolution
on the moon ended when the natives turned the biosphere into computronium
and uploaded themselves.  What you are looking at during most of the movie
is just the screensaver.

On Mon, 21 Dec 2009, James Tauber wrote:
> What if the organism boundaries we assume from the phenotype aren't
> reflected in the genotype. i.e. what we see as distinct creatures in the
> movie actually share a genome.
> (aside: has that concept been explored in any science fiction work?)

Orson Scott Card did a nice murder mystery based on this in "Speaker for
the Dead".



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