[FoRK] A comment on Avatar

Gordon Mohr gojomo at boxbe.com
Tue Dec 22 17:11:30 PST 2009

Cameron reportedly has a three-movie story arc in mind.

Yes, the Pandoran biosphere has some strange features. I suspect that 
might be explained in the sequels.

- Gordon

Russell Turpin wrote:
> To anyone familiar with biology, the world in Avatar is unnatural, not
> in the sense of being alien, but in the sense of violating how life
> works. There is no evolutionary path for the kind of coordination it
> depicts between species. It draws a biological order that, quite
> unlike our own, would need a god or designer. Perhaps that works as
> fantasy. It fails as science fiction, providing not even a hint of
> explanation for it. Putting on my hat as gray-beard science educator,
> I worry how many young people today won't even sense the weirdness.
> Fun to watch in 3d. The kids will love it.
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