[FoRK] freetable.org: Expressions of interest sought

Gordon Irlam gordonipub2 at gordoni.com
Tue Dec 22 20:37:04 PST 2009


Developing a website?  Don't know how to map zip codes to city names?
Unsure why IP address to geographic location data is so expensive when
ICANN/IANA should require it and make it available for free.  Annoyed
by the developer unfriendly nature of the list of country names and
country codes you have just found?

Some friends and I are embarking on a project called freetable.org.
We aim to create a public commons for shared data in much the same way
Wikipedia created a public commons for textual data.  That is, we seek
to be a centralized real time repository for shared data.  Some
examples of the broad range of data we are considering:

   - classified, realty, job, and personal ads

   - customer reviews of products and businesses

   - app data for open source applications

   - geographic, scientific, and economic data

Data will be able to be contributed by anyone, or at least initially,
by any programmer, under an open license.  Data will be in the
standard table, record, field format.  An interface similar to SQL
will be provided for programmers to access the data.  Permissions will
be used to control who can modify the data.

Rather than trying to carefully design the database tables we are
going to support, we will allow programmers to create any database
table on our system, and then see which tables prove popular.

What we are doing has shades of Google Fusion Tables and shades of
infochimps.org, along with some not for profit open licensing

The purpose of this email is to gauge interest in freetable.org.  We
don't want to build something that isn't useful to people.

So if you would use freetable, or if you have or know of an open
dataset that you would like to make use of via freetable, could you
please reply letting me know what that dataset is.

many thanks,

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