[FoRK] zip code distance

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Dec 23 09:14:48 PST 2009

Bill Kearney wrote:
>> But --- re zip codes, I recently had a need to find the distance  
>> between (severals pairs of) two zip codes as a part of a little 
>> throw- away script I was writing.
> What defines distance here?  A straight line, as the crow flies?  Or 
> over-the-roads?  Makes quite a difference when local terrain gets in 
> the way...

Most online "show me the closest" business web applications seem to do 
just "as the crow flies".  In many areas of the country, a reasonable 
approximation.  Often, it isn't, but locals can filter out the error 
results usually.  DC has a lot of "close" / far places.  It's kind of 
strange to have so many route choices in the Bay area when there are 
even more significant geographical features that should have been strong 


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