[FoRK] HTTP 0.2, 9p, and op

Adam L Beberg beberg at mithral.com
Thu Dec 24 22:10:47 PST 2009

Stephen Williams wrote on 12/24/2009 10:39 AM:
> E) Is everything-a-file a reasonable paradigm-for-everything?

No, it's one of the fundamental misunderstandings of way back then, 
reasonable for almost nothing.

Everything is a message. Some of them sit on a disk for a while before 
you open them up again, so people got stuck on that. Files are merely 
artifacts, messages frozen in time. Once you realize that all the "hard" 
problems everyone is trying to solve with HTTP right now look stupid, 
all messages crammed into the file concept like a dog in a horse costume.

Much the same as XML - an intermediate language for when neither party 
is willing to speak the other protocol so a 3rd horrific one is used to 
insure job security, got turned into a language for actually doing 
things complete with the many orders of magnitude more complexity and 
overhead involved. People even try to run databases with it.

Very little if anything in the universe is supposed to be difficult, 
just don't tell your boss how easy it could be ;)

Adam L. Beberg

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