[FoRK] My Mac Tablet (for sale, if you're interested)

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Mon Jan 4 19:35:06 PST 2010

Geege writes:

> A detailed post on the mac tablet conversion.

Apparently Google also has a very short-term memory, "FoRK Mac tablet  
conversion 2007 site:xent.com" gives no obvious love, nor any obvious  
permutations or subsets thereof.  No apparent mention of Axiotron,  
etc.  No access to local archive at the moment, so local search is  
out, but I'm going to take a flyer and mostly trust Google on this  
one.  (It seems to have a fair interest in FoRK...  less so lately  
than e.g. earlier on, but that's probably both a function of list  
decay and PageRank improvements.  We used to be in the top few hits on  
just about any interesting technical query...)


> You have twins?

FoRK archives, 2009, Q4, sometime in the last 3 months... it's a blur.

"It means you have a very short memory."  Ahem.  Pay attention, it's  
cheap.  Usually.



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