[FoRK] Corruption, was: Re: From Meccania to Atlantis

kelley kelley at inkworkswell.com
Thu Jan 7 16:24:26 PST 2010

At 04:29 AM 1/7/2010, Stephen Williams wrote:
>>India is famous for red tape, and corruption I suppose.  It must be at 
>>least a little better now.

A good friend of mine, from India, says that's the biggest reason why he 
loves the u.s. and intends to remain here. He'll get on big rants about the 
corruption in India, which he feels doesn't exist here. His examples are 
about people paying to get a driver's licence, and so forth -- which, to 
me, speaks to the disparity of income. He's not talking so much about 
systemic governmet corruption, but about the way middle and upper-middle 
class people can buy their way into just about anything if they have enough 
cash to flash around. He feels that doesn't go on here. Ordinary people 
don't buy their way into college, into a driver's license, or pay others to 
take certification exams for them, etc.

I've always wondered to what extent others would agree and if there are 
regional differences.


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