[FoRK] The Wrecking Crew - A Low, Dishonest Decade

Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo ken_ganshirt at yahoo.ca
Mon Jan 18 13:20:28 PST 2010

--- On Mon, 1/18/10, Stephen Williams <sdw at lig.net> wrote:
> ....  You need to pay people something to keep them from jumping a sinking ship to limit damage, etc.


I have seen no evidence that lesser paid rookies hired off the street, or perhaps enlisting some university students for a "work term" during the transition, would not have served as well as continuing to employ the overpaid bozos who caused the problem.

There is, in fact, a distinct advantage to getting innocents involved. Since they do not know where the skeletons are hidden, there is no temptation to continue to hide them. 

In this situation, a bunch of ignorant rookies having to find the answers to all the usual dumb questions makes very good sense. This is not a situation where the conventional wisdom of the status quo should prevail.

In my view.


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