[FoRK] anyone read thomas barnett?

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Tue Jan 19 13:08:09 PST 2010

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>  THE FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISM: "Al-Qaeda seeks to make Yemen its safe
> haven<http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/b8457b86-f999-11de-8085-144feab49a.html>:
> A Saudi crackdown has shifted the threat to its lawless
> neighbour," by Andrew England and Matthew Green, *Financial Times*, 5
> January 2010.
> The essential dynamics of my
> spray-for-roaches-in-one-apartment-and-they-simply-pop-up-in-the-next-apartment-over problem:
> The growth of the al-Qaeda movement in Yemen is a prime example of the
> dilemma governments face in confronting global Islamic extremism: one
> country's crack down can drive the militants next door.
> ... [snip] ...

So let's see if I've got the drift ... we are supposed to believe that shifting control from greedy sociopathic regimes running individual countries to greedy sociopathic regimes running global businesses that are larger than most of these countries is actually going to do something positive?

On a side note, could someone help me understand how it is he distinguishes himself from those he calls "primacists"? Seems like both parties have the same blind faith that The American Way is not just the Right Way but the Only Way. When you start there, it seems to me any differences are minor quibbles?

The article would have been a little more thought-provoking if he didn't take so much effort to set up and knock down strawmen and delight in using them to denigrate any alternative view.


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