[FoRK] Apologies to Stephen...

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Tue Jan 19 19:38:17 PST 2010

sdw says:

> Perhaps my bias is preventing me from understanding how your bias  
> results in that reading.

I could simply refer to the Signature Moves.  (Now which one was  
that....  ah yes, something like a rather roughly-executed Slight-of- 
Hand Strawman / Jane-You-Ignorant-Slut combo. ;-)

But that wouldn't be genuine.  My apologies if I misread your  
statements.  Frankly I read the whole slew of followups today in one  
fell swoop earlier and let it simmer for a bit before responding, and  
may have carelessly assigned some things to you that should have been  
assigned elsewhere;  the actual quoted followup doesn't necessarily  
imply any lack of understanding on your part that I might have  
ascribed to it.  My real issue is with those that take the position I  
describe, generally out of ignorance and a gross overestimation of  
their own understanding of what happened (and what is happening even  

That's not necessarily your position, and that's my bad...



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