[FoRK] Programming language windmill-tilting; interesting? and funny...

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Wed Jan 20 15:50:32 PST 2010

Interesting visualization that's confirming previously-expressed  
intuition;  Javascript is managing to find some local hilltop-optimum  
of conciseness vs. performance, in some of its newer, server-focused  
implementations.  This visualization is really pretty scant, but  
interesting nonetheless.  (Nb., conciseness by itself isn't  
necessarily a goal;  I'd take 20% greater LoC in e.g. Python vs.  
Javascript if that were the only concern, as a reasonable tradeoff for  
readability.  That's not, of course, the only concern...  and in any  
case, in the sample set of benchmarks used, Python wins slightly on  
conciseness anyway --- however at a cost of perhaps 10x performance  
vs. JS V8.  WTF?!)



There's been a lot of "how programmers from language X view  
programmers from other languages" stuff floating around lately.   
Yesterday, there was this;  how Common Lisp programmers view  
programmers from other languages...  I wouldn't have deemed it post- 
worthy;  there are several funny picks but only about as funny as any  
of the other entries in this genre lately.   However --- the image  
they picked for Ruby programmers has continued to crack me the fuck up  
(seriously!) every time I've thought about it for over a day, so maybe  
you'll get the same chuckle out of it.  (Nb., cf. P.S. ;-)



P.S. - I don't get the Factor pick, here.  What are they attempting to  
say?  Anyone?  Bueller?

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