[FoRK] Various and sundry

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Wed Jan 20 15:50:36 PST 2010

Too many good points to argue, but I'll pick a few cherries.


Aaron, none of the above.  Homework:  figure out what I *am*  
doing... ;-)

Aside:  this cracks me up, seriously:


(Be sure to check the mouseover.)

(For the record, I am laboring under no such delusions of grandeur...)


Bill, #1:  not attempting to wish away regulation, I'm attempting to  
add a little color and context to the consideration of what might work  
vs. not work.

Bill, #2:  re: limiting leverage, I realize you're probably riffing  
off the recent CFTC stuff that's making the rounds this week.   
Understand, I'm not talking about the retail market.  Honestly, that  
part of the overall market is so insignificant in size that if it  
disappeared tomorrow the pros probably wouldn't even notice.  But any  
attempt by any national-scale regulator to impose these kinds of  
things unilaterally on a national level is futile anyway, as it only  
shifts the business to some other locality.  (Such is the global  
nature of a fragmented market in the ultimate fungible form of value  
--- money itself.)  Rest offline...

Bill, #3:  no apologies necessary.  FoRK is a no-tears environment.   
Well, except for that pussy, Stephen. :-P ;-)  (Kidding, sdw!  Hey, I  
had to pick SOME name in order to make the joke work...  don't sit in  
the front row, it's your own damn fault.  These are the jokes, folks.   
Can't all be jewels.  I'll be playing here all week... ;-)


Ken, re: the telecom thing:  clearly understood re: the capex issues  
involved domestically.  However, I suspect that we're going to see a  
lot more cheap, open spectrum and rapidly falling costs on hardware,  
particularly as the hardware gets more general and more functionality  
moves into the software.  Tower space is cheap in rural, poorly- 
connected areas.  And again, the biggest opportunities here are not  
domestic, but third-world.  The ultra-cool part of this is that the  
software, for once, is getting ahead of the rest of the game.  For a  
good example of how a little open source software can remake an entire  
industry, look at what Asterisk has done to those markets:  it's  
already got HUGE market share, coming out of nowhere in less than a  


sdw, re: keyboards etc. / "real" smart phone, app, etc.:  yeah,  
understood and agreed.  Apps beat devices, take N:


Unf., my present phone solution doesn't have a physical keyboard  
(dammit, Apple!) so that aforementioned piece of crap is slightly  
appealing in some ways, for the couch scenario at least.  Ugh.  And  
FWIW, the trade-off in terms of functionality gained by giving up that  
keyboard (i.e., sticking with the iPhone) is the availability of some  
commercial solutions (home security and automation control, etc.) that  
I'd have to gen up on my own anywhere else, so it's been a reasonable  
tradeoff in time savings so far --- for me, YMMV.

As for your geek belt --- you are a complete dork.  (I want one! ;-)   
Hey --- I've got a whole box of used surplus wearable gear --- no HUD,  
but a couple of belt comps, some touchscreen stuff and other stuff ---  
anybody interested in buying the whole grab-bag?  I can make a list of  
the gear if anyone is interested.  Just taking up space at present  
after some experimentation.


'Nuf for now.


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