[FoRK] Various and sundry

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Jan 20 18:49:23 PST 2010

Jeff Bone wrote:
> ...
> Aside:  this cracks me up, seriously:
>   http://xkcd.com/635/

This has absolutely crossed my mind.  Not that it is possible, but that 
it would never work in actuality.  But it seemed so cool in the Ender 
series.  Now, a cabal of experts who are always right as a group, that 
might be something.  Not as a leader per se, but with some influence 
> (Be sure to check the mouseover.)

> (For the record, I am laboring under no such delusions of grandeur...)

World Domination:
Step 1: Disavow any intent at world domination.

Step T-1: No no, you don't want me, I'm just a helpful servant of the 
> ...
> Bill, #3:  no apologies necessary.  FoRK is a no-tears environment.  
> Well, except for that pussy, Stephen. :-P ;-)  (Kidding, sdw!  Hey, I 
> had to pick SOME name in order to make the joke work...  don't sit in 
> the front row, it's your own damn fault.  These are the jokes, folks.  
> Can't all be jewels.  I'll be playing here all week... ;-)

You just know that I can take it! ;-)
> ...
> As for your geek belt --- you are a complete dork.  (I want one! ;-)  
> Hey --- I've got a whole box of used surplus wearable gear --- no HUD, 
That's Mr. Dork, thank you very much.
Um, and I do have a HUD (glasses) some where around here, unless someone 
lifted them.  They disappeared a while back, probably into some box or 
> but a couple of belt comps, some touchscreen stuff and other stuff --- 
> anybody interested in buying the whole grab-bag?  I can make a list of 
> the gear if anyone is interested.  Just taking up space at present 
> after some experimentation.
[Must ... not ... buy ... more ... junk!!!]  Whew, see, I'm cured.  Now, 
where do I put all of these books??
> ...
> jb


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