[FoRK] Scott Brown == insanity? was: Re: Megan McArdle advocates 376, 537.65% marginal tax rate

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Jan 21 13:11:13 PST 2010

Jeff Bone wrote:
> ...
> I think the election of Scott Brown has driven some folks completely 
> insane.

Ho hum.  Sounds like she wasn't the candidate for anyone.
It's nothing like Obama / Congress wailing from last season.  That's 
still going strong.  I'm afraid that the GOP has created a monster with 
the Tea Partiers / Baggers, not to mention Michael Steele, Palin, etc.  
Still, a refreshing break from religio-pandering.  It will be 
interesting to see it fester and heal.

Hopefully we'll leave the insanity to Hannity et al.  If we could just 
have the party of newly-centrist JB!
> ;-)

> jb

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