[FoRK] The quantum-logical theory of truth and irony

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Fri Jan 22 08:02:10 PST 2010

Ponderously pondering Dave K's possible anti-(meta-)-anti-irony has  
induced a complete theory of truth, truthiness, irony, universal  
semantics, trans-universal epistemology, and human (or other) speech  
acts to spring forth fully-formed from the Platonic void that is my  
(your) head.  The theory includes a well-formed calculus of  
truth(iness) based on the intrinsics, mechanics and dynamics of  
fundamental particles of meaning called "trusons" that have as  
essential parts of their quantum-logical state properties of spin or  
"twist" (with twist quanta of 2/3, just like regular QM spin) but also  
intentionality, extensionality (or meta-ness) and so on.  There is a  
full-blown algebra of ironic-logical operators that apply to these to  
define possible transformations of quantum-logical semantic state,  
with certain "tangles" (exotic operational sequences) giving rise to a  
kind of uncertainty principle.  There's also a Pauli Exclusion  
Principle-like thingamajig that, among other things, gives rise to a  
conjecture about universal semantic equivalence, objective truth, and  
knowability.  And just as a demonstration about its scientific  
gravitas, the theory gives rise to an interesting impossibility  
theorem, in this case applicable to epistemology, which basically  
demonstrates that it's never possible to know anything at all.

One small lemma in the theory, worthy of note:  anti-anti-irony is not  
+1 irony, but rather -4/3 irony.  Anti-anti-anti-irony = -2 irony.   
However, anti-anti-meta-anti-irony = +2 irony, yet quasi-meta-anti- 
meta-anti-meta-anti-irony (or any of its well-formed tangles) =  
negative infinity +/- 2/3.  (Dimensional analysis reveals this number,  
intriguingly, to be unitless.)

I have discovered a truly marvellous proof of this, which this mailing  
list is too narrow to contain.



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