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The impression I get is that the impediment(s) to direct democracy is (are) social as opposed to technological. This also assumes that there are no paradigms in present or contemplated applications (i.e for instance: social networking) that could reduce, eliminate or compensate for whatever aspects of voter aberration that are contra-indicated.

So, if what is left is social, then we (the public) are accepting that the majority of voters (at least in any given situation) are incapable (or can be simply rendered so) of making a rational decision, or, that the collective will of the voter is too variable and situational for the necessary continuity of Progress (however and whatever we deem that to be). We are also accepting that we intrinsically have elitist values (justifiable as they may be), in that our representative's thoughts and will, can and should hold sway over all.

I don't expressly mean to make it sound patronizing and paternalistic, but I will suggest (discussion only, I have no agenda) that it at least sounds like an immature model. Just as a child or a new worker can be developed into an autonomous state, does it not hold that a society should be similarly capable (or at least aspire to be)?


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The problem with direct representation is that humans don't always know
what's best for society, best in the long run, or will take pain to their
interests for the benefit of others.  Most humans are selfish (I'm in that
group) and won't go against what's best for them very often, if at all.  And
the fear is of people voting themselves bread and circuses until the bill
comes due - and then a collapse.


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