[FoRK] Code Rush: documentary about Netscape browser

Jim Whitehead ejw at cs.ucsc.edu
Fri Jan 29 07:52:39 PST 2010


Code Rush.  The year is early 1998, at the height of dot-com era, and a 
small team of Netscape code writers frantically works to reconstruct the 
company's Internet browser. In doing so they will rewrite the rules of 
software development by giving away the recipe for its browser in 
exchange for integrating improvements created by outside unpaid 
developers.   The fate of the entire company may well rest on their 
shoulders.   Broadcast on PBS, the film capture the human and 
technological dramas that unfold in the collision between science, 
engineering, code, and commerce.


Full video available on this site, and there is also access to the 
complete raw footage. All is available under Creative Commons license.

- Jim

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