[FoRK] Aaron does (some of) it for me (re: iPad)

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Tue Feb 2 10:58:51 PST 2010

Dave K writes:

> One app at at time and full screen means that you make the most of  
> your screen real estate. Managing overlapping windows, and using  
> space for the window controls is not appropriate for a tablet.


In fact, one thing I neglected to mention with respect to my own  
"little things" / conveniences argument --- I'm not sure that managing  
overlapping windows is *ever* appropriate for *any* device / form  

After spending years laughing at the suits that run everything in  
fullscreen, once I decided (back around 2001 or so) to "live on the  
laptop" (i.e., use it as my exclusive read-write, command-and-control,  
input-intensive device, and use everything else as read-mostly) I find  
myself doing something like that --- almost.  Basically, on the  
laptop, I tend to run the main apps in an left-aligned stack, all  
sized the same, taking up the left 3/4 of the screen.  Another stack  
of "narrow" apps / windows (i.e., iChat or other buddy list windows,  
download manager windows, etc.) run in the right 1/4 or so of the  
screen, again all aligned.  (One exception:  I run two Terminal  
windows in a 1/3 on left, 2/3 on right geometry, with right Terminal  
and its tabs reserved for interactive tasks and two tabs on the left,  
one running my Terminal-based remembrance agent and the other running  
similar "monitoring" apps, top, etc. as needed.)  Managing window  
geometry then becomes, simply, a matter of keyboard switching of  
foreground app via cmd-tab, cycling tabs and so forth.

I'd really rather have something a bit smarter, and am envious of e.g.  
the various X tiling window managers --- but not enough to "switch."


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