[FoRK] Different standards for slander / libel / calumny - The Age of Propaganda

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Tue Feb 2 12:04:54 PST 2010

> Isn't it interesting how politicians, pundits, and rabble rousers get
> away with slander and libel in ways that far exceed the legal limits of
> commercial and personal abuse?
> If equivalent people or organizations were to make such statements that
> stretch or simply ignore the truth about, say, GE or Sony or anyone with
> enough money to prosecute a case, they'd be taken down very quickly.
> Yet, we allow it for political people and groups with impunity, almost
> without comment by most.  Those that know better just ignore it, however
> those that don't are infected with some randomly distributed local
> subset of flawed ideas which lead to blind bias.  And many of those that
> are ignorant in various ways are provided immunity from enlightenment
> much like those religious groups that teach that anyone disagreeing with
> their creed at all is an agent of the devil and is just trying to trick
> them.  Protective memes around a core of crap.
> With the Internet and certain polarization of "News" media, it seems
> qualitatively different than the past.  We've always had a largely
> ignorant public, however it used to be more clear to more people which
> speakers were more ignorant than others.
> sdw

Interesting... Why don't you exercise your constitutional rights to bring
this to the attention of your appropriate representation (i.e. state and
federal representatives) rather than rant about it to a group that has
little or no power to affect change?

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