[FoRK] Different standards for slander / libel / calumny - The Age of Propaganda

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Tue Feb 2 12:23:06 PST 2010

mdw at martinwills.com wrote:
>> ...
>> With the Internet and certain polarization of "News" media, it seems
>> qualitatively different than the past.  We've always had a largely
>> ignorant public, however it used to be more clear to more people which
>> speakers were more ignorant than others.
>> sdw
> Interesting... Why don't you exercise your constitutional rights to bring
> this to the attention of your appropriate representation (i.e. state and
> federal representatives) rather than rant about it to a group that has
> little or no power to affect change?
> Regards,
> --Martin--

Probably, you greatly underestimate this group, both the active, 
lurkers, and real-time or eventual readers.  And any representative 
worth talking to should be reading FoRK already anyway.  ;-)

To wit, I've already started thinking through a solution and registered 
a good domain to solve the problem.  Although I would need a lot of help 
to push it forward.

And because I wanted to check whether my perception was off or something 
since nearly everyone seems to just accept the gaffes and gaps in 
truth.  Nothing seems remain in the overall consciousness but jumbled 
perceptions reinforced by bias and a murky history of recursive 


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