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Tue Feb 2 12:30:25 PST 2010

> mdw at martinwills.com wrote:
>>> ...
>>> With the Internet and certain polarization of "News" media, it seems
>>> qualitatively different than the past.  We've always had a largely
>>> ignorant public, however it used to be more clear to more people which
>>> speakers were more ignorant than others.
>>> sdw
>> Interesting... Why don't you exercise your constitutional rights to
>> bring
>> this to the attention of your appropriate representation (i.e. state and
>> federal representatives) rather than rant about it to a group that has
>> little or no power to affect change?
>> Regards,
>> --Martin--
> Probably, you greatly underestimate this group, both the active,
> lurkers, and real-time or eventual readers.  And any representative
> worth talking to should be reading FoRK already anyway.  ;-)
> To wit, I've already started thinking through a solution and registered
> a good domain to solve the problem.  Although I would need a lot of help
> to push it forward.
> And because I wanted to check whether my perception was off or something
> since nearly everyone seems to just accept the gaffes and gaps in
> truth.  Nothing seems remain in the overall consciousness but jumbled
> perceptions reinforced by bias and a murky history of recursive
> counter-accusations.
> sdw

That being said.  I currently have the domain political-revolt.org already
available with Wordpress I can volunteer for you purposes if it meets your

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