[FoRK] Portable hotspots (or, why the iPad doesn't need 3G / future of Bluetooth questionable?)

Sean Conner sean at conman.org
Tue Feb 2 14:13:27 PST 2010

It was thus said that the Great Jeff Bone once stated:
> (Like removable media  
> before it, this idea of a direct WAN connection + Wi-Fi in every  
> mobile device is daft.  That won't keep millions from buying into the  
> notion before they find that the friction of having to manage this on  
> lots of devices becomes prohibitive.)

  I think this is where the confusion happened.  I know I didn't understand
what you were talking about.  In my line of work [1] we have a customer who
does WAN Wi-Fi (wireless networking that's measured in miles, not feet), and
our own network has what amounts to a 50 mile ethernet cable (connecting
computers in Boca Raton, Florida to computers down in Miami [2].  Without
further clarification, it was difficult to understand what you were saying.

  Also, I take it you have issues with laptops with both ethernet *and* wi-fi?

  In addition, I don't understand the removable media bit.  

  -spc (For pennance, write a 500 word essay in the differences between
	LANs, WANs and MANs ... )

[1]	We host websites and do Internet networking conslutting.

[2]	NAP of the Americas

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