[FoRK] Aaron does (some of) it for me (re: iPad)

Marty Halvorson marty at halvorson.us
Tue Feb 2 16:28:15 PST 2010

David Kammeyer wrote:
"The tablet is more like a clipboard -- imagine a doctor coming in to 
see a patient carrying a laptop vs. one of these."

My doctor has a gadget much like a clipboard.  Except it's probably a 
laptop with the screen facing up when it's closed.  It's about the same 
size as a paper file folder.  In my case, the paper file is thicker than 
the laptop.  It has a touch screen, a screen scribe with some text 
recognition, no mouse, and no keyboard.  It contains my complete medical 
file.  According to the doc, it took several months for everyone's 
medical file to be loaded to a server.  When I have an appointment, my 
complete file is loaded, along with everyone else's that have an 
appointment that day.  It's quite nice to look up medical test results 
without having to page through many pieces of paper.

Marty Halvorson

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