[FoRK] Portable hotspots (or, why the iPad doesn't need 3G / future of Bluetooth questionable?)

Sean Conner sean at conman.org
Tue Feb 2 23:04:57 PST 2010

It was thus said that the Great Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo once stated:
> Things have changed just a bit since then. 
> I know you Americans really hate your giant phone companies, and not
> entirely without justification. But if you're going to trash them at least
> do it with something related to their operations in the current century.

  I would, if they were operating in the current century, which is doubtful. 
I mean, we *only* got number portability within the last five years.  I also
have to deal with my European friends ragging on our celluar infrastructure.

> Circulating or referencing such dateless articles without also providing
> some way to place it in time should be outlawed. Or at least seriously
> frowned upon. E.g. Dateless != Timeless.

  I suppose I should have linked here as well:


  to put it into context.


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